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At 1install, we are a professional team of home technology experts who strive for perfection; every detail, no matter how small, from the quality of products we use and the seamless installation process we purvey to the control system we install in your Home. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a service money simply cannot buy providing efficiency of installation whilst ensuring that every project, regardless of size or budget, is treat with the utmost of professionalism.

Home automation is the best way to equip your property with an ultra-modern system that maximises home comfort and ease of living, whilst redefining the phrase easier than the flick of a switch – literally. Audio-Visual installation would not be the same without AV experts on hand to provide a stress free and successful set-up operation; something we certainly boast with our experts being some of the most well-trained and experienced in the country. Without question, 1Install’s vast array of services and industry specific specialists allow us to personally guarantee you that you will enjoy many years of unrivalled enjoyment from your investment.

Quality Installation equals Forever On budget multiplied by  Always On Time.

Do you wish to flaunt your new AV equipment, but disguise all the wiring? Or do you want everything to be hidden, but still effortless to operate and convenient to use? Don’t waste your time with out-of-the-box AV installations; they are never quite right and will always slightly disappoint. For AV perfection, our bespoke installation solutions ensure you draw every last drop of enjoyment from you package without any compromise, whilst staying well within the budget. You may think we couldn’t make this particular service any better, but in fact we can – it is free!

For us, the size of the job is irrelevant. We accommodate even the smallest of jobs with the same focused attention, drive and professionalism that we would treat the biggest of projects. Every Installation has its place and in our ethos for perfection actively includes and promotes the role of minor jobs as this helps to broaden our reach to every customer, meaning as many people get a slice of what we have to offer as possible. Do not feel hampered and unwanted by the size of your project like some firms may make you feel; contact us now whether your installation will be the most ostentatious we have ever had or the most simple, but regardless requires our expert installation.

When it comes to service, we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a personal, direct and tailored approach to every individual customer’s needs and demands. Our professional installation experts are caring, courteous, considerable, and of course, extremely knowledgeable - on hand to answer any question or query -no matter how trivial. This starts well before the work even begins, as it is vital to create a strong, long-lasting link with the client; ensuring the unique requirements of the home, lifestyle and system to be installed are met with an accurate written quote that reflects the maximum cost of the job and all the work that could possibly be needed, resulting in the most desirable of results that leaves the customer extremely satisfied.

The quotes we provide are guaranteed; therefore you won’t experience any nasty surprises. More often than not, we complete the job much faster than expected meaning the installation becomes cheaper than the original quote.

Audio-Visual Installation with unrivalled Expert Care

Never, after investing in an AV system should you ever have to clean up any mess or repair damage to your home. At 1Install, we care for your property like we would our own; respect, cleanliness and tidiness just so you can feel comfortable when putting your house in our hands.

One of our major aims is to make sure all work carried out causes only miniscule disruption to your home; we do the minimum in terms of invasive techniques so that nothing needs to be covered over embarrassingly or hidden suspiciously. We would, under no circumstances depart from a property leaving mess behind or even envisage leaving a hole unfilled. We strive for perfection, and it is the little details that have helped us achieve it.

Please, don’t take another moment to contemplate; it could be the best decision of your life to date. Contact us to get a prompt, personalised quote for the set-up you require, be it a Digital Television installation, custom Audio-Visual Installation, Home Automation or any other electrical installation that you may desire.

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